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First step when yourMinerals is in your hands

Open the lid, there you will see a white sticker protecting the yourMinerlas to not fall out and be everywhere. My tip is to NOT take this away fully - poke a couple of holes with a needle liked object. This will both save you the yourMinerals longer, but also keep it cleaner and less messy when opening it. 

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When using the yourMinerals products

This is my tip on how to make it as easy as possible to apply the yourMinerals product, from jar to face. 

  • 1. After pocking holes in the sticker, flip the jar up-side-down with one hand over the lid you are holding with your other hand. 
  • 2. Tap some of the yourMinerals into the lid.
  • 3. Use the right brush depending of what yourMineral product you are using, and depending on what result. (READ MORE ABOUT THE BRUSHES AND THEIR USAGE HERE) Swirl the brush around in the lid. 
  • 4. Tap the brush on the edge on the lid. This is for two reasons. First reason is because you want the "extra" yourMinerals that are on top on the brush to fall of for a better result when applying on your face. The second reason is for you to save the yourMinerals instead of taping the brush over the sink. 
  • 5. Apply on face.

Find the right brush for you

This is why the special designed wax insert in the lids are attached to the lids. When swirling the brush in the lid, the yourMinerals will better get into the brush by the help of the wax insert. 

Cleaning your brushes

You should clean your brushes about every second to third month of use. Because of the real hairs that most of yourMinerals brushes are made of, the brushes needs to get taken care of. Eve the brushes made of Taklon should get washed as often. Keeping a clean and fresh hygiene is important to help boost your result of your skin and your natural beauty. 

For the best and quickest result your need dish soap and time for the brushes to dry.

  • 1. Cup your hand and pour one drop of dish soap in your hand.
  • 2. Sprinkle some water over the the brush to make it damped. 
  • 3. Swirl the damped brush in your hand with soap. Now you will see the soap liquid look colored from the makeup and dirt.
  • 4. Pour water over the brush, still swirling in your cupped hand.
  • 5. When fully clean, lay your brush down on a piece of paper towels to dry in its own pace. By laying it down on it side you will not risk to get it misshaped or flaky. 

If you feel like you want a little smoother feel to your brushes you may give them a second bath. With the same technique as the soap, use a drop of conditioner after the soap treatment. It is important you do not use too much of the conditioner. If so, the hair on your brushes may "fall apart" and loose its shape. 


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