All our products that carries our name, yourMinerals, is a cosmetic designed to be gentle on your skin, and to enhance your inner beauty.

When we choose to develop our cosmetics with 100% minerals we knew this was an absolute obvious ingredient. Minerals are one of the most natural sources that have both healing and repairing powers. By using yourMinerals products everyday you will not only feel the powers of the healing minerals, but also notice the enhancement of your skin. 

All our foundations have a sun-protecting power that are perfect for your everyday protection of UVA and UVB radiance effecting our repairing cells to work actively. 
We believe that makeup should be there to help you enhance your inner beauty and to protect you from damages that may be in our air or in he products we have unbalanced the skin with. 

All our products are free from mineral oils, alcohol, and obstructing and irritating ingredients.