Radiance Sparkle Body / Face Enhancer

yourMinerals Radiance Sparkle Facial Enhancer & Eyeshadow Shimmer

For that little extra sun kissed look on your face, Radiance Sparkle is the perfect product. Radiance Sparkle is developed to enhance with a bronzing touch and give your face and/or your body a luster. It works perfect as well as a Body Glimmer for your cleavage if looking for a teasing sparkle when wearing something nice, or it can be used as a rouge when you are out in the sun and want to sparkle a little extra.

• Sizes
  • Small - 2 grams
  • Medium - 4 grams
  • Large - 7 grams
• List of Ingredients
  • Mica, Iron oxides, Titanium dioxide, May contain ultramarine blue, Ferric ferrocyanide

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